Avoiding Pregnancy

Accurate use of NFP is more effective at preventing unplanned pregnancies (0.4% failure) than female sterilization (0.5%), copper IUDs (0.6%), male condoms (2.0%), female condoms (5.0%), diaphrams (6.0%), and withdrawal (4.0%). And accurate use of NFP is more effective than the 'typical usage' of the pill (9%), vaginal rings (9%), intravenous injections (6%), and patches (9%). (The Guttmacher Institute - Planned Parenthood)

Of 1,876 couples studied over 18 months, there was a 99.5% success rate of avoiding pregnancy using the Creighton Method of Natural Family Planning. (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

In another study of 900 women over 13 months, 99.6% successfully used NFP to avoid pregnancy. (Oxford Journals)

Read more studies at: World Organisation of Ovulation Method Billings

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