Contraception's Side-Effects

There are many reasons to think contraception is problematic, regardless of its side-effects. However, given the tremendous amount of dangerous possible side-effects of contraception it's a good thing NFP offers a safe and healthy alternative!

• Ovulation isn't usually prevented by IUDs (Mayo Clinic). IUDs make the uterus inhospitable (Mayo Clinic) so if conception occurs IUDs primarily function by leaving the young human lives homeless and without food.
• Pregnancies that occur while using an IUD miscarry up to 50% of the time (USNLM), are more likely to deliver preterm (USNLM), are 5.2 times more likely to have harmful bacteria in their amniotic fluid (USNLM), 2.4 times more likely for placental infection, and 6.4 times more likely that their newborns will have neonatal sepsis.
• Ectopic pregnancies occur in 1 of every 5 pregnancies in women using IUDs (PLOS ONE Journal). The risk of having ectopic pregnancies is higher in women that previously used an IUD. The risk increases the longer the duration of previous use.
• Ovarian cysts form in 12 of every 100 women using IUDs (Mirena)
• Uterine perforation occurs in almost 3 women for every 1000 IUD users (USNLM)
• IUDs accidentally fall out of 1 in every 10 women who use them (USNLM)
• Heavy, very painful menstruation caused by IUDs leads to up to 15% of women to have their IUD removed within one year (USNLM).

• Due to becoming broken, moved, or even lost, removal of the implant becomes very difficult or impossible in up to 2% of its users (Brown University).
• Visible scars are often left on women's arms or legs at its insertion/removal sight. Some women have experienced severe pain, hematoma, and even nerve damage during its insertion or removal. (Implanon)
• Decrease in bone mineral density happens in women over prolonged use (USNLM).
• Prolonged and excessive menstrual bleeding is caused by the implant in nearly 31% of women. 23.7% of the women in that study had their implants removed prematurely because of these side-effects (USNLM).
• Irregular mucus discharge, genital odor, severe cramping, and chronic headaches and dizziness have caused over 1 of every 10 women to remove their implant (USNLM).
• Weight gain and increased acne are also common side-effects (USNLM).

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